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Janus Motorcycles was founded around the belief that smaller, lightweight motorcycles with an emphasis on hand-crafted design and quality don’t have to be a thing of the past, or leak oil.


Janus logo.

Co-founders Devin Biek and Richard Worsham believe that the spirit of motorcycling is best understood, especially for first time or urban riders, on a small, lightweight machine. The rider observes a more powerful sensation of speed and feels a more direct connection with both the road and the the passing landscape than is possible on many of the heavier and higher-powered motorcycles common today. Janus is poised to offer fun, stylish motorcycles to a younger, broader generation of riders who are interested in quality, aesthetics, and urban mobility.

As Janus builds their dealer network, they are offering their motorcycles built to order from the factory. After you have placed a deposit, they will work with you to build your Halcyon with your choice of colours or upgrades.

Janus Motorcycles co-founders, Devin Biek and Richard Worsham began with mo-peds: restoring, repairing, and customized vintage small displacement motorcycles and mo-peds for clients across the country. It became apparent that what many customers found attractive about vintage mo-peds, especially top-tank models like the Puch Magnum, was their scale, zip, and the way they fostered a do-it-yourself connection between owner and machine.

They were essentially very small, fun motorcycles. There is an increasing demand among young city dwellers for a small, sleek, practical motorcycle for commuting and short excursions. Other than low-quality scooters, only older European mo-peds and Japanese bikes are available here in the States. American consumers don’t have many options if they’re looking for a stylish new light-weight motorcycle.

Through their experience with Devin’s company, Motion Left, in manufacturing performance parts, including handlebars, exhaust systems, intakes, clutch upgrades, sprockets, seats, and fuel tanks, they built up a healthy network of local craftsmen and suppliers in the heartland of American manufacturing. In a sense, Janus is reinventing the motorcycle beginning with the clarity of design that was possible 50 years ago, including contemporary features like water-cooling, electronic ignition, and hydraulic forks.

Janus employs five skilled craftsmen to bend, form, and weld its frames and tanks, and contracts with local specialists for leather goods, fenders, cutting, machining, engraving, chroming, and painting. Devin and Richard lead product design and development, quality assurance, testing, and final fit and finish. Janus Motorcycles is a federally licensed vehicle manufacturer. Each bike is supplied with a VIN number and is titled and road-legal.

(source: Janus)

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