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Screwdriver-powered vehicle "EX".
Excentricity is defined as a deviation from what is ordinary or customary. To match this definition they couldn't just modify an existing vehicle but had to start designing something new from scratch.

ex driver front

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

The result is a completely new driving concept: The driver lies headlong on his three-wheeled vehicle and accelerates the "EX" with sprawled out arms up to 30 km/h.

Using two 18-volt-screwdrivers as engines, the "EX" accelerates its driver up to 30 km/h.

Eccentrically is also how the steering works: A specially developed joint tilts the back wheel and leans the driverĀ“s weight dynamically into the curve.

The driver controls the vehicle with brake and gas handles and by tilting the back wheel with its body.

The headlong position gives you an exiting driving experience.

Both screwdrivers run in the same direction to get the maximum power out of them. To avoid one screwdriver blocking the other, overrunning clutch gearwheels are used to transmit the torque.

Steering with the spine-shaped joint is very different from holding a steering wheel or handle bar. You have to use your whole body to tilt and bend the vehicle.

Modified bicyle parts are used for most of the drive components.

Instead of hiding all mechanical parts under a bodywork everything is left uncovered to show how the vehicle works: A skeleton with its organs was the inspiration for this design.

The vehicle was built and designed in cooperation with Sebastian Auray, Ruben Faber and Ludolf von Oldershausen.

(source: Nils Ferber)

ex driver side

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

ex schraeg

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

ex wheel

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

ex joint

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

ex innereien

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

ex back

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

ex antrieb

2011 Nils Ferber EX.

nils ferber logo

Nils Ferber logo.

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