BPG Uno 3 : 2011

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The Uno is BPG Motor's most recent revision of their Uno line. It’s a transformer that is safe and ready for the road.

bpg uno 3 11 04

2011 BPG Uno 3.

It’s small enough to fit in an elevator to bring up to an apartment and stable enough to handle Boston’s morning rush hour.

The Uno now has three wheels. In Uno mode, the Uno is a unicycle that balances on a single pair of parallel wheels. At high speed, a middle wheel rolls forward and the outer wheels shift backwards transforming the Unicycle into a full streetbike.

This system allows the Uno to be stable throughout the transition.

Gyroscopic Control Systems and transition.
The Uno utilize gyroscopic control systems to remain balanced while in Uno mode. The Uno uses conventional motorcycle controls for both modes allowing for a seamless transition between Unicycle and Streetbike.

Stage 1: The U3 two-wheeled configuration, referred to as “Uno mode”, utilizes two side by side parallel wheels (traction wheels) for forward and reverse movement and steering available under low operating speeds. At lower speeds, the wheels remain parallel providing the rider with a small compact and highly maneuverable urban commuting vehicle.
Stage 2: The U3 three-wheeled configuration, referred to as “Motorcycle mode”, utilizes an un-motorized additional wheel forward of the two traction wheels and is available under full speed range. As the vehicle accelerates, the bike transforms into a three-wheeled vehicle while moving, providing the rider with a safer, more stable and familiar platform for high speed travel.

Tilt Capabilities.
The U3 model utilizes an active tilt technology in Uno mode to stabilize the bike during turns. The tilt system is a motorized mechanism for adjusting the vertical position of the traction wheels, allowing the U3 to bank to the right and to the left. This system makes turns smoother and accommodates for unevenness of the road.

This is the Uno version BPG hopes to eventually commercialize.

(source: BPG)

bpg uno 3 11 01

2011 BPG Uno 3.

bpg uno 3 11 05

2011 BPG Uno 3.

bpg uno 3 11 02

2011 BPG Uno 3.

bpg uno 3 11 03

2011 BPG Uno 3.

bpg logo

BPG logo.


Uno 3.

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