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Rogue Moto Kickboxer : 2010

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There are countless custom bike builders out there today but few are bringing something completely new to the table and Ian McElroy's WRX powered Kickboxer is a stunning piece of rolling sculpture.

rouge moto qmoto 1 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

The frame is composed of one inch aluminum plates, sandwiching the engine and transmission, similar to the Bimota Tesi. Swingarms are made from aluminum tube.

Fenders are aluminum skinned carbon fiber. Rear subframe is carbon fiber tube. Front subframe is two aluminum plates sandwiching a small steering head stock, and a narrow louvered stepped lcd gauge.

Bodywork is polished aircraft riveted aluminum. Steering rods, timing cover, handlebar and heal guards are all carbon fiber. Front end parts are all billet aluminum.

Steering is a combination of bell cranks with push/pull rods, like the Bimota Tesi and cables like on Stellan Egeland's Harrier bike.

The front suspension is of my own design, though I don't have a name for it. It's not the lightest setup but it is unique in that it allows for only one swingarm on one side of the front wheel, with only a torque rod to keep the suspension in check.

Design inspiration came from a lot of bike designers, Bimota, Lazareth, Stellan Egeland, Confederate, and Jesse James.

Lazareth inspired Ian to design his own hub steer front suspension. Jesse James gave him the idea of how to make a high HP engine in a longitudinal placement work in a motorcycle.

The body work and paint were mostly inspired by WWII era airplanes.

Ian McElroy is a freelance designer/fabricator based in Seattle. His love for all things mechanical led him to work as a mechanic and fabricator, repairing and customizing cars and motorcycles for a number of years. A few of his interests include digital painting, Piano, and all things motorcycle related. He rides a Honda VTR100 Superhawk, and of course drives a Subaru WRX.

Engine: stock Subaru WRX
Turbo: stock IHI
Wheels: 5Ziggen ProRacer
Wheelbase: 56.5
Rake: adjustable
Trail: adjustable
Right angle gearbox: from a Mitsubishi awd car
Transmission: Baker Torquebox
Belt drive: BDL 3"
Front hub: rear hub, 1980's GM car
Rear axle: modified Datsun 280Z stub axle
Rear shock: aftermarket Buell type pull shock

(source: Ian McElroy)

rouge moto qmoto 2 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 5 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 6 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 4 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 3 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 7 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 12 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 9 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 8 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 10 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

rouge moto qmoto 11 10

2010 Rogue Moto Kickboxer.

Rogue Moto   Official site.
Rogue Moto   Flickr Page.
chris2778 days ago

what an incredible piece of engineering and beauty

nat2614 days ago

I love! Here I always find a lot of helpful information for myself. Thanks you for your work.

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