Moto Republic Beta : 2009

Goteborg, Sweden.
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Moto Republic launches a series of open projects with focus on revolutionary design with the Beta.

moto republic beta 1

Moto Republic Beta.

About Beta:
We decided to run a series of open conceptual projects to experiment with moto design. The initial scope was: “future electric moto race class”, starting from the settings around the bike, a future scenario was created (track layout, audience interaction, pit crew).

Reference proportions from motoGP bikes, and then the actual bike design started. Early ideas of exo skeleton body, with very thin steel construction (Sandvik Nanoflex) on the main body panels and swing arms. To optimize weight!

When the body panels are dismounted (for pit service) the bike is unstable. Drive unit/fuel cell not specified yet, but research showing same capacity as motogp bikes (or better…), easier to handle since the race bikes don’t have to run as long as commercial bikes without refuel. Electric engine in main body with beltdrive. Front swingarm is hub steering (as bimota Tesi, Vyrus, Yamaha gts 1000a). On board cameras on front mask, rear end.

About the project:
A full size clay study was made together with a clay modeler, surfaces are at the moment in Cad for validation for prototype building (frame, engine/cell setup). Aim is functional prototype.

(source: Moto Republic)

moto republic beta 3

Moto Republic Beta.

moto republic beta 2

Moto Republic Beta.

moto republic beta 4

Moto Republic Beta.

moto republic beta 5

Moto Republic Beta headlight.

moto republic beta 7

Moto Republic Beta team uniform.

beta city racetrack

Moto Republic Beta racetrack model.

moto republic beta logo 1

Moto Republic Beta logo.

moto republic logo

Moto Republic logo.

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