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Founded in 2005 by the Estes family, Trifun is now partnered with a motorcycle company in China and has their own manufacturing line in their brand new plant.

trifun logo

Trifun logo.

After starting by test marketing four sedan samples from China, one electric and three gas they came to the conclusion that there was a market for these types of vehicles in the United States.

All vehicles have the same drivetrain, a midengine manufactured by Wuling and GM, which is a joint venture.

The plan is to build and sell 3000 units in 2008 through a Dealer network located all over the U.S. After 2008, Trifun will be capable of building as many vehicles as the US market demands.

In 2009, Trifun will have a full electric version.

(source: Trifun)

trifun emblem

Trifun emblem.

trifun truck

Trifun 1/4 ton truck.

trifun trucks

Trifun 1/4 ton trucks.

Trifun   Official site.
Norman Power3341 days ago

Norman Power12 days ago
Where is the 42 mpg? With the check engine light on it gets 17mpg.
The fit of the doors is terrible 2in gaps are the norm. Rust and bare wields abound on the unit.
The radio works sometimes sometime not.
Heater that is a joke!
Scared to see what the air does probably does not work or poorly at best.
No information for the dealers about wiring engine oil and none forth coming all under guise of it is a “motorcycle” Buyer beware.

Norman Power3235 days ago

Just to let everyone know the thing is still junk and getting worse I have never seen anything above 18mpg.
If you are brave enough to drive it more than 20 mi something else will go wrong with it.
I have had it towed to the dealership twice now less than 577 miles on the unit the other ones have had the windshield fall out the front suspension collapse transmission failed.

Gabe Henderson3222 days ago

I have a question, you only have 577 miles on yours?
I have a little over 14k on mine and drive it daily. It is the greatest little thing. Also when I registered for the warranty, I got all kinds of information. Another thing that I found out is that I can get a great tax credit in FL. I love my TriFun, and I dont know why you just wouldnt take it in for service.
I had a few issues at first, but the dealer fixed em and sent me on my merry little way.

I hope the best works out for you Norman, It has for me!


Norman Power3174 days ago

610 mi and I am afraid to take it out of the drive. The air filter filled up with water "from the rain"
18 mpg what a piece of trash! The transmission almost impossible to get into second gear JUNK JUNK!
Buyer Beware!

Norman Power3170 days ago

It is intresting the dealership has had so much and so many problems with the TriFun's they have sold Three (3) that they sell them "AS IS" NO warranty now what does that tell you about the quality?
Do not tell me about how I am a problem seems the product is.

Rodney Tyler2733 days ago

I live in El Dorado Arkansas and i need to know where the closets dealership to me is

Bill Matthews2721 days ago

I need a new gas cap. My dealer is useless as far as repairs or parts go. Any idea on where I can get parts? Is there a make/model that can be used as a replacement. I don't care about the locking, any cap that fits would be great. Thanks in advance.

keet 2180 days ago

I just located one of these trifun trucks with just 1,000 miles on it and it would be the perfect vehicle for me, however, I can not see anywhere to buy parts, nor the original MFG. website.

I see Norman has had issues with his? I am a MC mechanic retired so such issues would only be a challenge to me.

I really like the design, cab like a van, bed like a truck and is a Motorcycle, all my favorite kinds of vehicles.

Perhaps this is Normans I located here? Hey Norm was yours red?
Anyway fellas, I am interested in purchasing a cheap used one since I have little money.

Jose Contreras1947 days ago

Where can I get parts near Tampa, Florida?

shirley1905 days ago

need parts, not running. water got in the air filter damage ecu module. looking for one made in china. look up 3 wheel truck 970 cc there they are seed email to them need parts. they want me to buy them not send me parts down 2009 now 2012 still down.

Rafael Gonzalez1881 days ago

I am interested buying a cheap trifun .If somebodu have this ,please emailme and I ll back to you.Thank

Forrest Rosell1567 days ago

I have a Tri Fun. I found it on craigslist and thought it was interesting so I made a trade deal with the seller and now am the happy owner of it! It runs fine, gets ok fuel mileage, handles surprisingly well. Yes, there are a few things I wish were a little better but unlike some I wasn't expecting a Rolls Royce!!!! The radio sucked so I simply replaced it with a different one. The shifter is a bit sloppy, but I can adjust. I got it as a toy and that's exactly what it is. Give it regular maintance and it does just fine.

steve norris1541 days ago

i bought an '09 trifun with the 970cc wuling engine. i like it. the ride is very stable. only complaint i have is one i've heard from other owners, it stops running at times. doesn/t matter if it is hot or cold. i think it needs an ecu. first fellow quoted me 650 bucks, second fellow quoted me 423 bucks, still way too high. other than this problem i love the little thing. all the parts are in china, thats the bad thing about these vehicles.

norman 1214 days ago

I have mine for sale $2000.00 that is the price I figure it has alot of good parts ECU the Latest New clutch engine ran fine wireing problems out the wazoo tranny shifted great engine as I said ran 825 mi

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