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A Spanish roadracing champion both before and after the war, Francisco Xavier Bulto co-founded the Montessa company in 1946. He resigned his directorship after a board meeting voted to retire the factory from GP road racing in 1958. That same year, with other former members of the Montessa firm, he began tooling up for a new motorcycle which was announced early the following year as the Bultaco, a name suggested by John Grace.

bultaco logotype 1.gif

The first model was the Tralla 101, a 51.5x60mm 125cc two-stroke putting out 12bhp and capable of 71mph - very healthy performance indeed for the day. It had good brakes, modern suspension, a four-speed box and a host of goodies which appealed to sporting riders. They sold 1136 of these in their first year of production, the sales being given a considerable boost by their first GP win - a race in which they competed against the DOHC MV and the Desmo Ducati.

The following few years saw more racing successes, a greater range of models including the TSS racers, and considerably improved sales.

In 1965 they released the first Sherpa T trials model, designed with the aid of Sammy Miller whose expertise had been lost by the Ariel factory after they rejected his submission for a new model. The Sherpa T became the definitive tool for the serious trials rider, as demonstrated by Miller that year when he won the Scottish - the first ever win by a foreign marque, and the first by a two-stoke.

1965 also saw the introduction of the Pursang series which soon made its mark on the US market, and sales began to soar.

The Metralla Mk2, released in 1967, was an enormous success - it was fast and reliable, had good brakes and suspension, and in most countries was very inexpensive. It had an enclosed drivechain which enabled owners to gain extraordinary mileage - one owner reported 33,000 miles on the original chain. As with most Bultacos it was fitted with rebuildable Betor suspension units.

(source: Cycle World, January 1970, pp. 58-62, via Dropbears)

bultaco badge 1.gif

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bultaco bandito 1.gif

bultaco bandito 2

bultaco tss logo.gif

bultaco campeona de espana 1959 60 61 .gif

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Bultaco Pursang was released in 1965.

sherpa t

Bultaco Sherpa T was released in 1965.

sherpa s

sherpa t sammy miller

lobito 2


mercurio 155

el tigre

lobito 1

metralla mk2

The Bultaco Metralla Mk2 was released in 1967.

metralla 62

frontera 1

frontera 2.gif

matador mk4 logo

matador mk2 logo

matador mk4sd logo

bultaco 125 aire 1961

1961 Bultaco 125 Aire. (source: E-Tabitha)

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